Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Perfect Christmas

Just another quick post to show yesterdays page. Yesterday was all about the perfect Christmas. For me Christmas is always sparkly which is why I added the glitter. Think it might have been too much though. I rushed and the glue didn't come out evenly.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Christmas Cards

Just a quick post to show yesterdays Christmas journal page. It was about Christmas cards. I took the front of one of the cards I made this year to decorate it.

Declaration and Snow

My first two pages are done. Every day we are given a prompt for that days page. Day 1 was for the declaration. Why we are keeping this journal and what we hope to gain from it. I wasn't feeling very creative that day so I just copied out the declaration that was sent along with the prompt. Day 2 was about Christmas weather. You can see that I have been using my beads and felt again. Both pages took me a little longer than they normally would. I had a little mishap with my beads. I leaned over to look for a smaller needle when the box upturned and landed on the floor. It took me hours to sort them all out. I was tempted just to leave them mixed up but then I remembered just how much I had spent on all those beads. Also I thought of how annoying it will be to sort through them when I want to pick out all the same colours. I would eventually get fed up and sort them out anyway. So frustrating and a total waste of a day off.

You'll notice that the front cover of my journal is done in traditional greens and reds whilst these first two pages are done in blues. I was swithering whether or not to stick to one colour scheme. I thought it would look better using just the one. However, knowing me I will get bored with working to one colour scheme the whole month. So as long as the pages sitting side by side are using similar colours I have decided to go with what feels right.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments. Judy, I honestly have the exact same doubts as you. The only reason I tried my hand at anything other than cross stitching was that a friend demanded a leaving card using stamps she knew I had just bought. I think if it wasn't for that and the reaction I got from the card I wouldn't be scrapbooking now. Another example is quilting. I have been wanting to try this for years now. Every year I make a new years resolution that I am going to try it. Every year I think of an excuse not to. The real reason though is that I think I will probably make a mess of it. Then there is my knitting. There are so many patterns out there I want to try and yet I never knit anything other than scarves. I'll try a new type of stitch but always knitted into a scarf. Just worried that I wouldn't be able to follow a pattern yet I have all these books there with lots of lovely patterns.

The Christmas Journal class is done on line. I have probably mentioned it before but one of my favourite magazines at the moment is Scrapbook Inspirations. I like it because it doesn't just show you mundane layouts of everyone's kids. It shows you different techniques and how to make mini albums as well as about a dozen other things. One of my favourite contributors is a woman called Shimelle. Her pages just always stand out for me. I finally came across her blog a while back and at the time she was offering an online class. I didn't go for that one and kind of regretted it. So when this one came along I jumped at the chance. She set up a board for everyone who takes part. Every day in December she emails out that days prompt with the reasons behind it. Lists some websites you can look at. Then she gives some ideas that you could use for your page. Worth the money since I will be able to join again next year if I wished to.

I LOVE your idea for a book journal. I have tried it a few times and never really stuck to it. I think I made it too complicated by wanting to illustrate each page. Maybe I should try it again but doing it much more simply. A project for after Christmas though. At the moment I still have so much to do before Christmas. As much as I am organised with all my gift buying my crafts are way behind. Why don't you give it a go? You have lots of good ideas for it!

I have managed to convince my mum to see Golden Compass with me. It's out here this week but will probably wait until the following week. I convinced her that she will like it since she liked Harry Potter and that James Bond is in it. She said yes very quickly after that. Enjoy your Christmas dinner.

Lili, you will be pleased to hear that I have started work on your Christmas card. I finally came up with an idea.

Timewarden, I am so glad that your mum is getting out.