Monday, 30 April 2007

Evolution Of The Daleks

Before watching the second part of the Dalek episodes I watched the first one again. This time I paid a little more attention to it. I though the second part was a great conclusion to the first. I'm not sure if I mentioned before but I was disappointed with the fact that the Daleks were turning themselves half human. It seemed to go against all Dalek beliefs of being the superior race. Then in part two Dalek Sec became more human that Dalek. It just didn't feel right. The Daleks clearly felt the same way as the conspired against Sec. Daleks do have their comic value at times and I laughed out loud at seeing two Daleks in a tunnel talking about their doubt over their leader. It was the swivelling of the heads to make sure no one was there before they spoke that I found funny. It was a nice touch. I did enjoy this two part story although my favourite is still "The Empty Child".

Hope you enjoyed your holiday Lili. Great to have you back.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Monkey photo's

I'm back again for the weekend. I wasn't able to do any crafts while I was away. Didn't realise how tireing this would be. I spent very little time in my hotel room as I was working during the day and there was no supermarkets near by to get something that I could just eat in my room rather than go out for dinner. So when I did go back to my room I was really just sleeping. I did manage to take a photo of Mr Sparkles though. We went to the beach in an area called Tyne Mouth which is near Newcastle. We sat down in a cafe to have fish and chips and then walked along the beach.

When I got back and checked my email I saw that I had been sent some photo's of Captain Monkey on his travels. Here are some pics of him at the airport and then in Javea, Spain.

Crazee4books, I think you are right. He does look a little like homer. I think he might have a little Homer in his character too. I loved the DS9 episode with the tribbles too. We have that one on video somewhere and I have watched it again and again. My favourite episode with Vic was the episode where the casino was taken over by a bunch of gangsters and the crew all took parts to go in and save the day.

Timewarden, I liked all of the ones you mentioned too. Another favourite of mine (again I can't remember what it was called) was when the crew go to the front line to pass on supplies and help with repairs. The discover that the soldiers there are too few in number due to casualties and have been there far longer than they were supposed to be. The crew end up staying behind to lend a hand and Nog lost his leg. It was also the episode that guest starred Bill Mumy better known as Will Robinson in "Lost In Space" and Lennier in "Babylon 5". I think I remember an interview with Bill Mumy after the episode and he joked that he had always wanted to do an episode. He knew one of the producers who then suggested this role and said it was his chance to kill Will Robinson. I liked most episodes with some banter between Bashir and O'Brian and the episodes with Sloan.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

More Sock Monkeys

While I was home for the weekend I had to catch up on the sock monkeys I had promised for people. I made the new owners name them and then make up a history for them.First of all here is Hamish McSporran. He was once a Captain of Pirate ship called "Ghost Monkey" based in Tortuga. Now he is a Fireman/ wannabe international playboy who is a bit of a tease. Hamish will be leaving for Italy soon.

Here are the twins. The first one is called Hector Montgomery, Monty to his friends. He escaped from the circus. The elephants are his only happy memory from that time otherwise he doesn't like to talk about it. His twin brother is a Ninja (which explains the band). His name is Norman Ninja.

My friends have very large imaginations.

I could be wrong but I am sure Voyager was shown on a Saturday not that long ago. Not sure how far it got to though. It would be nice if it was repeated again. The DS9 series is being released again in the less expensive box sets this month. It is the same as what they did with TNG. Still expensive at £30 per set but a lot better than £80. I loved the mirror universe stories too. My favourite is the first one with Bashir and Kira. They did get all bogged down with politics but I think DS9 was like that in general.

Mr Sparkles in Cornwall

I promised Lili I would post some pics of the travelling sock monkeys. Here is mine, Mr Sparkles. He is in Cornwall longing to play golf on the course behind him but of course he can't as I have to much work to do and they don't let monkeys drive golf buggies. This is actually my hotel room. The windows were glass doors which opened out onto the grounds. Very beautiful but we were in the middle of nowhere. Great if all you are interested in is golf but we would have liked the opportunity to see some of Newquay. Still the weather was gorgeous. Didn't feel much like coming back to freezing cold Glasgow.

Lat nights episode of Dr Who saw the return of the Daleks. This time the Daleks themselves got more air time. It does seem that when there are two parters the bad guy doesn't really make an appearance until near the end. This time it was at the start although you weren't sure what the Daleks were up to until the end. You could probably have guessed though. When Daleks are using humans for experiments you can be sure it isn't going to be for anything good. This time the Daleks are dying out. With only a few of them left they are desperate to survive and need humans for this. This idea itself isn't new as the Daleks have done this before. This time though the Daleks take on the human form (mostly) rather than the other way about. The human/pig slaves are a little too close to the pig the Slitheen used though. I felt that this was another example of going back on old ideas. Although in this case they were used to capture more humans rather than as a diversion. I have to be honest that I didn't pay quite as close attention to this one. I was working at the same time (hanging head in shame). I think it has been taped though so I will be able to watch it again before I watch the next part.

Timewarden, Wayoun, Kai Winn and Dukat were the only ones to die. Keiko left with O'Brien although there was some doubt as to if it was going to happen or not as O'Brien had yet to tell Bashir. Rom became Grand Negus as Zek decided to take early retirement and travel with Rom and Quarks mother. Lita left with Rom. Quark being distraught over the idea decided that his bar will be the last piece of true Ferengi culture. Nog was promoted. Apparently the last thing Sisco had done before he joined the prophets. Garak also left to help put Cardassia back together again.

Chakotay and Seven was a bit out there. There didn't seem to be much going on between them until one episode halfway through the last series. Seven had begun hollow programmes and a relationship with a simulation Chakotay. The real Chakotay (if I remember correctly) knew something of her feelings for him but said she had to take risks instead of hiding in a hollow programme. They were planning to get married at the end of the series. It was a bit out of the blue and I think there were a lot of fans who weren't too happy with the pairing.

Monday, 16 April 2007


I got the most amazing swap parcel from my book swap partner. First of all she sent me a copy of Abarat by Clive Barker. She chose this because she new I had tried his horror and hadn't enjoyed it. She thought I might prefer his fantasy. The funny thing is that I have been eyeing this book up and almost bought it not that long ago. It will be going away with me tomorrow.

She also sent me a lovely book cover, bookmark, book journal (made from the cover of a book), neclace and bracelet. She really spoiled me.

Lili, I promise to post pics of the travelling sock monkeys and their stories. I will try to mail you a copy of the instructions I have on how to make them. Your right, David Tennant was the bad guy in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I think he showed the same energy in that as he does in Dr Who.

Timewarden, I liked Kes too. DS9 ended with the end of the Dominion war. No one really died at the end but a lot of them went their separate ways. Sisco joined the wormhole beings as he is meant to be one of them. He did say that he would be back though. Odo was the one who convinced the other shapeshifters to surrender and cured them at the same time. He left DS9 to rejoin his people and teach them solids aren't bad. O'Brian left for Earth to take up a teaching post at the acadamy. Worf left to become Federation ambassador to the Klingons (although we saw from the movies he actually just rejoined Enterprise). Kira had been on Cardassia to help the Cardassian win over their oppressors. In the end all Cardassians turned against the Dominion in the final battle. Kira then took over command of DS9. Bashir and Ezri got together. Kai Win and Dukat both died when they tried to free the pah wraiths and Sisco defeated them. That's about it.

Voyager is difficult as I have only saw those episodes once. I know Nelix left a few episodes before the end. He found a colony of his people unexpectedly, fell in love and decided to stay behind. I know there was a final battle with the borg. Voyager was successful (I can't remember how) and used the borg form of travel to get back home (I think). Everyone made it. Oh and Chakotay and Seven became a couple. I think Barcley was somehow involved in the ending too. I know that there were a number of episodes with him. It started with Barcley being the only one who believed that voyager was still out there. Sorry I couldn't be more clearer on that.

Sunday, 15 April 2007


The Doctor returns to New Earth. This time they arrive in the lower levels of the city. Where everyone accepts that they spend most of their lives travelling the motor way. It all seems perfectly natural to them. The Doctor visits and old friend and discovers why the motorway has become a way of life. Meanwhile Martha discovers the dangers of the fast lane.

I liked this episode better than last weeks. I did think though that we were going to have to have a whole series of the Doctor refusing to talk about his past. Thankfully Martha is stubborn and refused to move until he talked. Think that I like Martha as the new companion. I also thought that the Face of Boes last message was a little predictable but it might make for an interesting future episode.

I finished the last part of the gift for my swap partner. It is a little drawstring bag to protect a book. Again I used a dragon from dragons dreams. This time I used the water dragon as it still fitted with my swap partners favourite colours. The dragon is a little off centre as I decided at the last minute to make the bag a little bigger than I originally intended. At that point I had already stitched the dragon. I am planning on making more of these at some point as I have a few friends that might like them. I am thinking of making one for myself too using one of the other dragon charts. Not sure which one yet though.

Meet Mr Sparkles. Mr Sparkles is my sock monkey and he will be going with me on my travels. Here's a tip for anyone making sock monkeys. Don't use socks with metallic threads in them. Poor Mr Sparkles looks a little worse for wear as these socks didn't stitch or cut well. Last night I finished my sisters too. She has called him Hector Montgomery. I won't be posting a pic until I finish his twin which is going to a friend in work. I have ran out of stuffing so it will be another week before he is done. I also have another one to make as a friend has promised to take one to Italy with her and snap photo's of him at the wedding she is going to.

Lili, the sock monkeys are made from one pair of socks. One sock is used for the body and the legs. The other sock is cut up to make the rest of him. His mouth is made from the heel of the second sock. The instructions say that you can make a hat for the monkey with the toes of the second sock but I just throw them away. Unfortunately the instructions I found on line are no longer there.

crazee4books, I have never been to a convention. Most conventions would mean travelling and the only person who would be willing to go with me wouldn't be willing to travel. I got bored with Voyager too. It did get better later on but it was still mostly about seven of nine. I did like Enterprise but I only got to see the first two seasons. I loved DS9. At one point I even liked it better the TNG. I agree Picard is definitely the best Captain.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Shakespeare Code

Episode 2 sees the Doctor taking Martha on that one promised trip. They go back in time to meet William Shakespeare and view one of his plays. However his words are being used to help free the witches which will lead to the end of the world. If you were to read Timewardens review of this episode you will see that there are many similarities between this one and previous episodes. Mainly the "Unquiet Dead" where the Gelth are trying to free themselves from their world and take over the earth. That episode also featured a famous British writer, Charles Dickens.

Further similarities can be drawn from the two Companions, Rose and Martha. Both showed a very similar excitement for being in the past. Mind you who wouldn't and Martha seemed more concerned about the possibility of changing the future than Rose ever did. There is also the Doctor's reluctance to take on Martha as a permanent companion. The Doctor has shown this reluctance before but I don't remember him ever being cruel about it and it was never because he missed the previous companion. Telling Martha that Rose would know what to say just seemed out of character to me and a little too human.

Despite all this I still enjoyed it. I like the idea of real witches being the inspiration behind "Macbeth". I also liked a rather angry Queen Elizabeth showing up at the end and can only hope that this will lead to a future episode. This isn't exactly new either but I quite like the idea of the Doctor travelling around and upsetting monarchies of the past.

I have managed to finish another Star Trek TNG box set. I have to say that this has some of my favourite episodes in it. I love the Klingon story lines and this one has a large proportion of them. The main ones are "Minds Eye" and "Redemption" (part one). Both continue the story of the Klingon empire being close to war and the Romulans trying to make the most of it. It also sees the return of Denise Crosby this time playing the daughter of Tasha Yar. Watching the extras at the end it turns out that this was Crosby's idea. She wanted to come back and do a couple more episodes and she came up with the idea of playing her own daughter. The Klingon/Romulan plot was all ready being written and they added her in. Personally I think this addition just adds to the story.

The extras also state that the producers of the show wanted to make it more character based which does actually show. You can see that in episodes such as "Brothers", "Future Imperfect", "Final Mission", "The Loss" and "Data's Day" to name but a few. When I first watched the show these episodes were my favourite but that has since changed. I seem to now enjoy the more involved episodes such as the cliffhanger episode. A few more facts for you. This was also the first time that a continuing story had been tried in ST such as the Klingon/Romulan theme. "Family" is also the only ST episode which does not have a single shot of the bridge.

Crazee4books, I loved "Firefly". I wish they hadn't cancelled it either. It is one of those DVD box sets I have bought without having seen the show. After hearing so many people raving about it and then spotting it in a sale I went ahead and bought it. One of the best things I have bought. I have watched it a few times now and will probably watch it a number more. It never gets boring. I like the film "Serenity" too.

Thanks for the comments on the crafts. Glad the Dodos went down well. I hope my swap partner likes them as much as the both of you did. Lili, I plan on making yet another sock monkey. I am going travelling for work soon and my friends at work have said I should take one with me to photograph too. Glad you are still enjoying the book. It does get strange! I am reading a book just now which has been described in the papers as being similar to Coupland. I am reserving my judgement for now. Will review it when I have finished it.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Book Swap and Sock Monkey2

This is the last swap I will be taking part in for a while. I had actually planned the fair tale swap to be the last but when someone recommended a book swap I couldn't say no. The point of this swap is that you interrogate your swap partner and from their answers you chose a book to send them. We were all placed with people with similar tastes. Since my swap partner like fantasy and books that are a little bit different I decided to send her "Eyre Affair" by Jasper Fforde. I am hoping she will like it as much as Lili did.

The bookmark was the obvious choice. I got the design from the book "Cross Stitch Myth and Magic". I think it was meant to be used as a border but as the colours were my swap partners favourites I decided to turn it into a bookmark. You can't see it in the photo but there is some silver back stitch between the leaves.

Lili, do you recognise this? Since my swap partner is a fan of fantasy books I decided to stitch this dragon which is free on the Dragon Dreams website. This one is called spirit and I chose it for it's colours. I then attached it to a notebook. I had planned on adding more to the cover but decided that it would just spoil it.

Lastly a set of note cards which is the only craft thing related to the book. I drew a rough sketch of a Dodo onto some material and then embroidered over the outline. This is the first time I have used embroidery to make cards. I made a set of six all in my swap partners favourite colours. I had actually planned on sending more but I had promised a friend I would make something for her before she went away and she then took a week off her original leaving date. This gave me a day to make the item. I will finish the rest for my swap partner over the weekend and send her another parcel next week. More fun that way anyway.

This was what I had promised to make my friend. She is an air hostess during the summer and wanted a sock monkey to take on her travels. If I made her one she promised to take photo's of him in each destination. I had planned on making a little scrapbook too but since she was leaving a week earlier than originally planned I didn't have time. I chose those socks as the colours suit her better than the skull and cross bones of the last sock monkey I made.

Lili, my sister collects cats too. I don't actually go out of my way to buy anything frog related anymore. I haven't done in a long time as I can always guarantee that I will be given something frog related at some point through out the year. It's funny how that happens (not that I am complaining). I spend most of my money on stash and other craft supplies too, lol.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Smith And Jones

I watched the very first episode in the new season of Dr Who last night. I couldn't get home from work fast enough to watch it and yes it was taped and waiting for me. It reminded me of the first episode in series one "Rose". The one thing that took me back to it was the Doctor taking Martha's hand and telling her to run. It definitely seemed to be as fast paced as that one and faster than "New Earth" which was the first episode of season two. I suppose it might seem like that as this one clearly tried to fit in as much as possible. It managed to fit in all of Martha's family giving us a picture of what her role there is. It also managed to fit in her work life and a glimpse of what her relationship with the Doctor could be like. All that on top of a working story. Seems a bit much but I think it did work.

This character seems to have a full life I'm not sure if she will get as much out of travelling with the Doctor as Rose seemed to. Rose had only her mother and an off and on boyfriend to go back to. Martha seems to have more of a life. Mind you going by her family I know I would jump at the chance to get away. I think any stories regarding her family could become irritating. Going by that one episode Martha seems to be more of an equal to the Doctor than Rose was which has a lot of potential. I just hope it lives up to it. Will be looking forward to next weeks episode which will involve William Shakespeare and witches.

When Martha first discovers that the hospital has landed on the moon she wants to know why they are still able to breathe. For that the Doctor allows her to help him. Is it sad that I had been wondering that before she mentioned it and then thought well if she gets to go I would so get to go? lol.

Timewarden, I liked "Yesterdays Enterprise" too. Denise Crosby was fantastic at coming back and making it seem as though her character had never been away. I also very much like Guinan's role. They continue to elude to the fact that Guinan and Picard know each other very well. I know this is a story line that takes part later on as another two parter. But I wonder if the writers had something like it in mind all along. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the new series of Dr Who.

Lili, most people know about my frog collecting (almost got a pet frog once). I think because of that it is not something I mention unless someone else brings it up. Surprised I haven't brought it up by now though. I have loved frogs since I was little. I loved the Muppet's and the Fraggles. For my 3rd birthday I was given a plastic Kermit who sits on a chest and underneath it says "Happy Birthday". That was my first thing. Since then it has grown. I only recently have begun to collect other things related to the Muppet's too.

I promise I won't delete the blog. I'll keep it there so that you can access it. I am so glad that you like "Girlfriend In A Coma". As I mentioned in my letter it is not my favourite book by him but it is the one most people seem to like the best. I love all of his books for the way he makes all of his characters seem so real. I think one of his greatest talents is taking a stereotype, placing it on a character and then making that character more than the stereotype. "Microserfs" is a great example. He takes a group of stereotypical nerds and then turns them into real people.