Monday, 19 November 2007

Christmas Is Almost Here!

There are less than 40 days until Christmas. It really doesn't sound a lot when you hear it like that. Once again I am counting down the days. I finished the wall hanging I was making for my mum yesterday. Once I had done all the stitching I put off the backstitching. It doesn't take long but it's just so boring. I finally decided that yesterday I wasn't going to put it down until it was all done. Actually putting it all together was fairly simple and the instructions were easy to follow. My mum was very pleased with it. She is a collector of all things Santa. This year though she has been good and hasn't added to her collection. I decided to do it for her with this.

My sister has been turning her hand to crafts of late. Since moving out she has had to put herself on a strict budget and has turned to crafts to make extra gifts for everyone. She has been making lots of cute Christmas decorations using lovely beads and felt. I was in a craft store recently and that had lots of packs of sequence. I couldn't resist and made these tree decorations using those, felt and beads. I am posting them out to my sister so that she can use them as another idea. The green is my favourite as it is edged in pink beads (the photo doesn't show it too well).

I have a few other Christmas projects that I am working on. I have joined a class to make a Christmas scrapbook journal which I am very much looking forward to. I am making a scarf for myself and once it is finished plan to make one for my gran. I am making one of those banners for my sister (hers has snowmen). I am putting together my own Christmas crafts folder and I still have a few Christmas cards to make. I am going to be busy this month.


TimeWarden said...

Christmas is a bit uncertain for us this year, Karen, as my Mum had a stroke, almost a fortnight ago, and am currently visiting her in hospital, every afternoon on a daily basis, with my Dad visiting in the evenings. It happened suddenly, with no warning, which surprised us all. It's nice to see that you retain enthusiasm for the festive season in an age of such cynicism.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your Mums banner is cute, it is certain to satisfy her need for Santa things.

Lili said...

Well, I was sure I had commented here but it does not appear...
What a lovely banner! I'm sure your mother will treasure it!!! This santa (I'm like your mum...) is so cheerful... And such cute trees too... You're always impressing me with all your crafts, Karen!
I'm off to the next post.