Monday, 12 November 2007

Deep Space Nine: Season4

Season four is one of my favourites. Simply because this is the season that sees the return of Worf to our screens. Whilst not my favourite character amongst the Next gen crew (I didn't dislike him either) his character was just perfect for this series. Here you have a crew who are so different to each other and therefore adding in a Klingon seems only natural. Especially a Klingon so different from your usual Klingon's. I think Worfs character had a better chance to grow in DS9. There was more opportunity for him. He showed his sense of humour more (which I loved) and showed more of his difficulties in reconciling with his Klingon and Starfleet sides.

Thanks to Worf there are some fantastic episodes in there such as "The Way of The Warrior", "The Sword of Kahless" and "The Sons Of Mogh". At the last minute it was decided to bring the Klingon's into the mix and with Worf they really decided to go for it. I think that returning to a war between the Klingon's and the Federation could have been boring. It's been done before. However, with keeping the Cardassians and the Dominion involved it worked.

The whole series wasn't just about Worf and the Klingon's. There were a lot of other great episodes in there and some of my favourites include; "The Visitor", "Hippocratic Oath", "Starship Down", "Little Green Men", "Our Man Bashir", "Hard Time", "Shattered Mirror", "For The Cause" and "The Quickening".

Timewarden, I agree, those covers are fantastic. After Christmas I will certainly be purchasing the rest. I only buy the audio's that really catch my interest. Back when I first came across them I was tempted to start collecting them. However, I soon discovered that many of them weren't that great and it was better to stick to the ones that stood out for me. Basically anything with a returning Doctor Who baddie that I liked. In this case it was my interest in the companions themselves. I watched Shada when it was played on the BBC website. It was a few years ago and I enjoyed it at the time. I have heard of Freewheelers but didn't realise that Wendy Padbury was in it.

Lili, Douglas Coupland was my first choice initially. Then I read your answer to that question. You said that you wouldn't want to meet authors like that because you might be disappointed. The image you have of them through their writing might be very different from what they are actually like. Douglas Coupland is also an artist and a travel writer. He has such a wide range of interests that it would be interesting to talk to him. Going by interviews as well as his other pursuits I think he might fall into that line. Haruki Murakami on the other hand seems very straight forward. Having read his biography and his interviews I think what you see is what you get.

Judy, I would love to go and see The Golden Compass. I just need to find someone to drag along to it (it's not really they type of film my friends would want to see). So many people claim that all fantasy started with LOTR and that every fantasy book is influenced by it. I enjoyed the book and I loved the films but this really annoys me. There are so many fantasy books that have more to them than that and so many that cover a wide range. I find it difficult to believe that all can be traced back to LOTR.

I like your question. When I read about a book that I have very much enjoyed being turned into a film I usually have reservations about it at first. Especially if the book is quite detailed. In those cases a lot would have to be cut out and I wonder if they could really do it justice. The more the magazines talk about these films then it could go either way. With the case of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" and now "The Golden Compass" I began to look forward to it the more I read. "I, Robot" is a film that had the opposite effect. The more I read about it the more I became annoyed. The only thing the same was the title and a couple of the main characters names. I still went to see it and did actually enjoy it for what it was. I do think that they should not have been allowed to use that title and should have had the lines "Very loosely based on."

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