Monday, 26 November 2007

Christmas Journal Cover

So far the class for this journal has give some tips on preparation and some sketches of different layouts to try. The preparation is mainly common sense things such as tidying your workspace and having a routine. It also recommends that you tell people that you are doing this. You are more likely to finish it if people know you are working on it. I have already done those (although who knows how long my workspace will remain clear). I am hoping to post each days page here. Two years ago I had a question every day in the run up to Christmas. I wanted to do something similar again and have decided on this.

I have been itching to get started on this. When you have new project on the horizon it always feels like this. I was tempted to do some of the sketches. The sketches are there to make layouts ahead of the actual class. So that when it comes to each days prompt you are really just adding the journaling and a photo. I personally prefer to wait until the day before I decide what is going on my page. When it comes to scrapbooking I'm not really a planner. Instead I like to see what works as I am doing it. Probably not the best way to work but it works best for me. Seems a little strange since I plan everything else.

Yesterday I was feeling bored and frustrated. Nothing I was working on at the moment appealed to me. So I decided to decorate the cover of my album for this journal. The album I bought for this is a plain beige 8x8. I was very tempted to buy the hot pink at the time. I decided to go against it as hot pink doesn't really scream Christmas. I am glad that I didn't now as I wouldn't have been able to decorate it with traditional colours. I have a thing for sequence and felt just now and so used those along with some ribbon. A photo is supposed to be placed in the window but I really wanted a little felt tree in there instead.

Timewarden, I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I am thinking of you all.


Lili said...

This is really beautiful! I remember your one question a day two years ago (already!!!?). I loved sharing it all with you. So no doubt I'm looking forward to sharing this new project too!
I feel that the artistic process does not combine with planning as far as I'm concerned. All you need -when you work like that- is a lot of stash. Lol!!!
Lots of love, dear Karen,

TimeWarden said...

Thank you, Karen. It's now looking increasingly likely that Mum will be back home by the end of the week as she has made good progress.

She will, of course, need a lot of help with things many take for granted but it's the best present, to have her home for Christmas, and she's already presented me with her requested menu for the big day itself!

I'm very taken with your new choice of background colour for your blog. I don't recall seeing it anywhere else and it feels fresh.

Tim x

Crazee4books said...

Hi Karen,

I am always a bit envious of your ability to tackle your crafting ideas and carry them through. And also taking classes to learn more and help you to expand your ideas and improve your skills even more.

I'm a dreamer. I collect the supplies, I buy the books, I look at other peoples blogs for inspiration...and then I do nothing.

I have a little voice in my head which says "You can't really do that. You'll just mess it up and hate it." So I guess I don't have much faith in my crafting skills.

I also do better when I have someone to work along side. For moral support and encouragement.

I would love to do a Christmas journal. The cover on yours is so neat. What will you be putting into it??

Where do you take your classes??

Wouldn't it be cool to do a book journal too? Pages designed to represent your favourite books and/or author. Taking reviews off of the computer, or the newspaper. Pictures from magazines or wherever that exemplify scenes from the book. A short biography of the author, and perhaps a picture if one can be obtained.

Too bad distance is an issue here. We could go see the Golden Compass together. I does really look good. Fingers crossed that it lives up to our hopes and expectations.

Too bad about I Am Legend. I remember the movie made with Charlton Heston and wonder if this one is closer to the story in that movie then to the book both are suppose to be based on. This movie hasn't been released here yet.

I really want to go and see Enchanted too. It's been receiving rave reviews and the previews that we've seen are really promising. Don't know how things will work out with the time available before Xmas but my friend Darlene and I will try to fit a movie weekend into the holidays somehow.

Your Santa banner turned out great, and I can just imagine how thrilled and pleased your Mom must be with it. Your little Christmas trees in felt and sequins are cute too. They'd look great strung on a garland, perhaps with wreaths made out of felt.

Tonight is the Xmas dinner for DH's work. Yummy free food. My stomach's growling just thinking about it. Got any snow yet??

Better finish this off. I talk too much sometimes. Talk to you soon Karen. Take care.